Sweetness of the Season


Harvest time is here and there is much to be savoured and enjoyed.  Late summer is also the time when vata dosha begins to increase. Do you feel scattered, ungrounded, and exhausted with all the summer activities and dry heat? You can feel vata energy accumulating through dry skin, cracking joints and trouble sleeping through the night.  These are our body’s signals that vata dosha is begining to go out of balance. As the season changes into autumn, this is the time to pacify vata!

 Here are 3 simple things you can do to soothe and balance vata dosha.

  1. Slow down and rest. Nothing is more restorative for the mind, nervous system and vata than regular times of rest and relaxation.
  2. Eat Sweet! Harvest time brings us an abundance of nourishing, delicious sweet foods including squash, carrots, beetroot/beets, sweet onions, peppers, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, peaches and figs to name a few.
  3. Immerse yourself in nature. Seek out places of beauty and bathe your senses in the lush colours, textures and quiet sounds of the natural world.  This deeply calms your mind and nervous system and pacifies vata.

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