Sattvic Sailing on the Maine Coast

Anne has been here in Maine this week stopping in for a visit on her way to NYC to teach at Arbor Vitae Herbal School. After a productive planning meeting in the morning, we set out to nourish our senses by the sea.

First, we took a leisurely walk on one of our nearby beaches then headed to the weathered wharfs of downtown Portland to board a 100 year old schooner. Aboard we were treated to a late afternoon sail around the islands of Casco Bay. As all of our senses relaxed, we savored a cloudless sky; the rich, almost purple, deep blue undulations of the ocean; the salty and fresh fragrance of sea air; dapples of honeyed late summer light; and the sound of waves and the wind in the sails as the schooner tacked and changed direction.


Being immersed in the natural world is so calming and healing for the mind and gave us a healthy dose of sattvic energy. Being by the sea, on the sea or in the sea is balancing and cooling for pitta dosha.  Feeling uplifted and and content, we arrived back at the docks just as the sun set and walked to a nearby restaurant for Japanese food.  It was wonderful to balance work and time in nature. Can’t wait for the next visit, whether here or at Anne’s beautiful home in the Cotswolds!

short sailing video

Gina Mastroluca

Portland, Maine

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