Lesson 2: Part 2: Summary and Quiz Quiz

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  1. In mindfulness meditation, we place our attention and focus on inhaling and exhaling. When we recognize that we have lost that awareness of the breath, we gently return our focus back to the inhaling and exhaling.1
  2. Meditation seems to shrink the parts of the brain associated with anxiety, panic and fear, and expand and strengthen the parts of the brain associated with mood regulation, calm, self-motivation and happiness. This is called the “inner pharmacy.”1
  3. Which is NOT a way that meditation can improve the health of the physical body.1
  4. What state of being is the neurochemical oxytocin associated with?1
  5. Drawing the senses inward, cultivating sattva, digesting experiences are some of the benefits of meditation according to Ayurveda.1
  6. Why is it important to integrate meditation practice into our lives and our study of Ayurveda?1
  7. What is a definition of mindfulness?1