Path of Living Wisely

The New Year brings fresh opportunities and inspiration to take really good care of our one precious body.  Health trends come and go …but Ayurveda has sustained the tests of time.  Its advice has been practiced for thousands of years and science is telling us….it works!

Have you ever wished you could make a visit to an elder wise woman? This wise woman has seen it all. And through her guidance, she helps you to get to know yourself, know your strengths and vulnerabilities and tune into the subtle signs of imbalance.  She tells you how to create balance, how to build resilience and how to age gracefully. She inspires you to live fully with awareness and kindness. Her door is always open to you and she is overflowing with wisdom and compassion.  There is not one aspect of life, relationships, health and spirituality that she has overlooked. This wise woman has practical suggestions and deep insights into what it means to live in balance in our modern world.  Ayurveda is this wise mother of healing…an invaluable gem, a boundless resource!

Three things you can do today to transform your health.
1. take care of your mind: practice 3 breaths of awareness
2. take care of your digestion: start the day with a glass of warm water with a squeeze of lime.
3. take the time to learn about and experience the wisdom of ayurveda

To your vibrant health and happiness in 2016!

Gina Mastroluca

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