Nourishing Dessert

Seb Pole’s Rose Rice Pudding
  • 1/2 cup/ 100 g pudding rice (you can also use black or red rice)
  • 4 cups/1 litre of cow/almond/coconut or rice milk or other milk of your choice
  • 3 tbsp ground almonds
  • 5 strands of saffron
  • 5 cardamom pods
  • 1 tsp rose jam
  1. Place the rice and milk in a thick-bottomed pan, bring to boil and simmer on a low heat for 1 hour. Stir in the ground almonds. Add more milk as needed. Soak the strands of saffron in a tablespoon of warm milk for 10 minutes and then add to rice pudding. Add the cardamom pods and rose jam. Serve with a little ghee, virgin coconut oil or honey if you like.
  2. This is nourishing and strengthening, good for reducing vata and pitta, and building reproductive tissues.