Kichari – The Ideal Cleansing Food

In our last post we offered 3 gentle ways to detox in the Spring. Today we are giving you our favourite recipe for Ayurveda’s ultimate cleansing food, Kichari! It’s nourishing, light and easy to digest and so gives the body a break from the work of digesting, making it easier to clear a backlog of toxins. Kichari Recipe 1/2 cup split yellow…

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3 Ways to Spring Cleanse!

Ginger tea

Spring is a natural time for cleansing and clearing but detoxing doesn’t have to be rigorous and intense to make you feel great! Ayurveda gives us a variety of different ways to detox based on our individual constitutions and offers great wisdom as well as practical support. Here are 3 simple things you can do to increase your vitality and attune…

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