Meet Linda Umbell, Ayurveda course student

What awoke your interest in taking the Living Wisdom Ayurveda Course? 

My interest in Ayurveda began after reading about it and discussing it with a friend who was studying it at the time and also she was becoming a Yoga therapist. We both have spiritual practices where the idea of mind, body and spirit were linked. After meeting Gina, discussing it with her looking at the website and I had an intuitive feeling that Ayurveda was something I needed to learn about and incorporate into my life. Just as my spiritual practice had become just how I live my life, I knew Ayurveda would be the same.

Had you studied Ayurveda before?  

 I had never studied Ayurveda but only recently it just started to appear in my life. When things start to appear, I know I need to pay attention to them!

Does Ayurveda relate to your profession or are you mainly taking the course for your own knowledge, health and well-being?

Well, as I have learned for myself, Ayurveda relates to everything !

My study of Ayurveda began as a personal exploration for my health and well being. But as I have gone deeper into Ayurveda I believe that my love for Ayurveda, personal skills and background and desire to benefit all being could someday lead me to   incorporate Ayurveda into my life professionally.

What has been one of the most interesting or surprising pieces of wisdom you learned about Ayurveda so far?  

Well, there are quite a few but I suppose the most compelling for me is the relationship of the five elements in all of life. The five elements are fundamental to everything and everything is made up of them . This has provided me with a lens to see things more clearly. The five elements can be used on a daily basis to see what you need to keep in balance.; more air, more water, less earth and fire- more space. It goes on and on!

But I can’t not say that the wisdom of the Rishi’s being as true today as it was 5000 years ago also calls me to feel the interconnectedness of everything in the universe. This is also a great piece of wisdom I have learned.

What parts of the course resonated with you the most so far?

The modules on the Dosha’s and Nutrition have been particulary impactful for me. When I can use on a daily basis what I have learned to help support my desire for balance in mind, body and spirit, that is fantastic! Having an understanding of my prakruti and vikruti have helped me have a better understanding of my myself.

What have you learn about yourself that transformed the way you take care of yourself?  

Becoming more intimate with my miraculous body and mind and spirit! From how I think about what my body, mind and spirit need for nourishment , rest, exercise. How I can support myself with daily rituals, food that I eat, meditation, movement. It has all been very transforming for me.

How would you say the Maine Ayurveda study group has been beneficial to you?

The benefits of the Maine study group have been enormous. The group is what really got me to settle down and do the work of study and learning. It was challenging for me to just read and study online without the support of others. Gina has lead us in not only looking at the course modules but provided a space of trust, humor and tenderness. The energy, honesty and desire to explore are qualities that each person has brought to the group. It has been beneficial to hear their perspectives, understanding and how Ayurveda has and continues to influence their lives.

Do you have any study tips or advice to new and current students?

Just jump in! Ayurveda has so many incredible benefits to our lives. We can’t do without it! I have found that printing the modules, taking notes works best for me. I love the website. It is beautiful and has many beneficial quotes and art.


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