Meet Julie Brown, Our First Ayurveda Course Graduate

I was happy to have a chance to catch up with Julie Brown, the first student to complete the Living Wisdom Ayurveda course and had a chance to ask her a few questions. She lives not far from me in Portland, Maine

What peaked your interest in taking the Living Wisdom Ayurveda Course?  Deepening my knowledge about this form of healing/ balance/wellness not only for myself, but for my loved ones too.

Had you studied Ayurveda before?  Yes.  I was introduced to Ayurveda during my massage and polarity training at the Polarity Realization Institute 17 years ago.  I also took several classes from Gina Mastroluca along the way and a few classes she taught with Anne McIntyre.

Does Ayurveda relate to your profession?  Yes.  I am a massage and polarity therapist and also a yoga teacher.

What was one of the most interesting or surprising pieces of wisdom you learned about Ayurveda?  The effects of regular meditation.  Over time I realize that I have been able to change the way I respond to stressful situations.  When I meditate I find it easier to stay grounded and to trust that things do work out.  I have learned to be more of an observer than an active participant in situations that really may not be mine to work out,

What parts of the course resonated with you the most?  Nutrition, herbs and flowers.  This has encouraged me to take some additional courses at our nearby Botanical Gardens to further my study of plants.

What did you learn about yourself that transformed the way you take care of yourself?  The meditation was the most significant change and I really notice when I go a day or two without sticking to my daily routine (dinacharya).

How long did the course take you to complete?  12 months; I began in January 2015 and ended in December.

Do you have any study tips or advice to new and current students?  I would only suggest that each person finds their own way of learning the material.  I began by reading through the chapter and printing it out to highlight terms.  Sometimes I would make up flashcards for the new terms.  Then I would read through a second time and do the exercises.  As I got into the course I found it easier to download the PDF instead of printing the chapters.

Would you recommend the course to friends and colleagues?  Yes and I have.  Many of my friends were aware that I was taking the course and asked questions about it.  

Is there anything about Ayurveda you’re interested to learn more about?  My hope is to continue to deepen my knowledge over time as I use these new tools and resources.

Thank you so much, Julie.

Gina Mastroluca, Portland, Maine

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