Calm, cool, collected.

Field of lavender

How do we know when pitta is aggravated?

Feeling irritable, frustrated, impatient?

Holding yourself to a very high standard?

People with pitta in their constitution can have an underlying fear of not being perfect and feel unloved or unrecognized.  This can bring about low self-esteem, a general feeling of not being good enough, and fear of criticism and anxiety.

 Here are 3 simple things you can do to calm and cool the pitta mind.

  1. Sip cooling herbal teas. Organic chamomile, rose and lavender make a calming and cooling tea. Equal parts chamomile and rose and 1/2 part lavender. Steep for 10 minutes. Sip cool (not iced!) or warm. 
  2. Enjoy rivers, lakes and oceans. Bathing, swimming  and simply gazing at water has a profoundly cooling and calming effect on the mind. 
  3. Take the pressure off. Take space to be with loving friends, express yourself through talking, writing and creating.

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