Living Wisdom: The Foundations of Ayurveda

  • Living Wisdom - The Foundations of Ayurveda

Explore the Amazing World of Ayurveda

Living Wisdom: The Foundations of Ayurveda Course invites you to explore the amazing world of Ayurveda and to be inspired by the philosophy, principles and practical applications of its timeless wisdom. The online format means you can study from anywhere in the world at your own pace. Optional practical workshops with Anne are also available during your period of study.

As Ayurveda’s sister science yoga continues to flourish, the popularity of Ayurveda as a practical and effective complement to our modern healthcare system is fast increasing. An ever-expanding volume of scientific research continues to verify Ayurveda’s extraordinary wisdom and knowledge.

Health, Healing and Longevity

With its emphasis on preventative health, healing and promotion of longevity, Ayurveda is more than a system of medicine; it is a way of life that aims to enhance well-being through the union of physical, emotional and spiritual health.

We have called this course Living Wisdom because although very philosophical, Ayurveda is essentially practical and only really comes alive when you start to live by its wisdom and advice, and experience for yourself its power to transform. It truly is living wisdom.

The Authors

The Foundations of Ayurveda Course was conceived by Anne McIntyre, renowned Ayurvedic practitioner, medical herbalist and author, and created from a collaboration between Anne McIntyre and Gina Mastroluca, Ayurvedic educator and Polarity therapist.

Ayurveda has been life-affirming and life-changing for both of them. They have been deeply inspired to apply this healing wisdom to their own lives and those of their patients over the last few decades. The profound view of Ayurveda inspires them to see themselves in a larger context that includes all living beings, the plants, elements and the entire cosmos, and gives them the framework and tools to transform and sustain their own health and that of their patients and students.


The Foundations of Ayurveda Course has been created for those interested in exploring in greater depth the healing wisdom of Ayurveda and learning its practical tools – precious gifts for guiding us to living a healthy and balanced life. Our intent is to share the inspiration, philosophy, concepts, principles and practical applications of this extraordinary path of health.

In Living Wisdom, the essential knowledge of Ayurveda is presented as a structured course for experiential study and also as a reference guide for living a healthy lifestyle, now and throughout the rest of life. No prior knowledge of Ayurveda is required.

The course is suitable for many different groups of people; it offers in-depth study for lay people who want to learn Ayurveda to establish a healthy lifestyle for themselves and their families; it offers a sound foundation for yoga practitioners and teachers, and an opportunity for health professionals including herbalists and nutritionists to integrate its principles of health and longevity into their practice.

Online Learning Course

With over 700 pages of knowledge, beautiful images and audio meditations, the course guides you through the foundations of Ayurveda with a unique emphasis on the incredible world of healing plants, the transformational practice of meditation and living a conscious and balanced life.

The course is clear and easy to follow, laid out in 21 lessons, followed by simple exercises, quizzes, activities and reflections. This design nurtures many learning styles and encourages students to integrate the teachings into their daily lives. There is the option to attend workshops at Anne’s Cotswold home each year (see courses page).

Benefits of the Foundations of Ayurveda Course

  • 700 pages you can download as your reference guide for life
  • Learn to live a healthy and balanced life for yourself and your family
  • Learn in an online format from anywhere in the world on your laptop or device at your own pace
  • Discover tools to develop your spiritual practice
  • Integrate Ayurveda into your yoga practice and teaching
  • Integrate Ayurvedic principles into your current healthcare practice
  • Learn more about Ayurvedic foods and herbs
  • Learn with the support of an online community
  • Explore whether Ayurveda has potential as a future career for you!

Study Requirements

  • Work through all the lessons on the website (approximately 700 pages). This will be approximately 150 hours of study in total
  • Complete all the lesson quizzes and experiential exercises within 18 months

On Completion of Living Wisdom: The Foundations of Ayurveda Course

Once you have read all the material, and completed the experiential exercises and quizzes at the end of each lesson, you will have finished the course. You will be awarded a certificate of completion.

Congratulations! You have had an opportunity to learn and integrate the knowledge of Ayurveda, while enhancing your health and well-being. You have deepened your understanding of your place in the cosmos and opened yourself more fully to the possibility of moksha!

NB This course is not intended to stand alone as a course of study that qualifies you to offer professional services.

Lesson Overview

View the course overview here

What next...?

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  2. Practical learning with Ayurvedic Apprenticeship opportunities with Anne in the Cotswolds

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