Discover Ayurveda with Anne McIntyre

  • Discover Ayurveda with Anne McIntyre

    Course enrolment now open! Starts September 2022.

Discover Ayurveda with Anne McIntyre

Many years ago yoga was only practised by people lucky enough to be able to travel to India and learn there; now there are classes even in my little village hall! The same rise in popularity and awareness is happening with its sister science, Ayurveda. They both share the same Indian background, philosophy and aims and have evolved to support each other; Ayurveda provides the guidance to keep you in balance physically, mentally and emotionally and in this way move closer to health and happiness.

The great thing about Ayurveda is that these healthy guidelines can be practised by everyone, yoga practitioner, fun runner, gardener or office worker alike. It provides a wonderful pathway to enable you to understand yourself and those around you better through its constitutional approach. It gives us advice about every aspect of our daily lives so that we can live in harmony with our environment and the natural world around us and feel healthy and happy.

Specifically written by Anne as an introductory guide to Ayurveda, this course is packed with information conveyed in a relaxed and easy-to-understand style for those wanting to dip their toes into this incredible body of ancient wisdom. So, if you can’t tell your doshas from your gunas, and if prakruti and vikruti are a mystery, then this course is for you!


  • To open a door to the profound system of Ayurvedic knowledge acquired over thousands of years and yet still relevant today.
  • To guide you to a deeper understanding of yourself and your individual health patterns.
  • To introduce a comprehensive system of preventative and remedial healthcare for you and your family.
  • To give a taste of Ayurveda for students considering enrolling in the Living Wisdom course.
  • To provide yoga students and teachers with a complement to their classes and practices.
  • To give you practical advice about the right foods and herbs for your constitution to keep you healthy and happy.


The course is online only, with five blocks of lessons which are released month by month. Each month students will study the current lessons in their own time before a 3 hour Zoom call with Anne to consolidate their learning. Independent study each month will be approximately 8 hours, plus the 3 hour Zoom call.

The content for Lesson 1 is available on 12th September, one month before the first Zoom call on 12th October, and the content for the next lesson is released the day after the Zoom call. Each Zoom call is recorded, and the latest recording will be available on the website.

Study Requirements

The course is designed to take approximately 55 hours to complete, including reading the written material, completing the practical exercises and attending the Zoom calls.

Please note this course is hosted on the website.

On Completion

On completion you will be able to print out a certificate and will receive CPD points.

NB This course is not intended to prepare you to treat patients.

Still need more information? Email us at and we will sort it out!

Lesson Overview

Lesson One: An Introduction to Ayurvedic Concepts

  • A brief history of Ayurveda and an introduction to its essential features.
  • Understanding the basics of Ayurvedic philosophy, anatomy and physiology.
  • The five elements.
  • The three gunas forming the building blocks of the universe.
  • The three doshas that manifest in different constitutional types.
  • The twenty qualities.

Lesson Two: Prakruti and Vikruti - Discovering your Constitution

  • Learn more about the different constitutional types (doshas) and how keeping your doshas in balance is the key to health in body and mind.
  • Determine the basic constitution you were born with (prakruti) and your current state of balance and health (vikruti).
  • Have some fun with our dosha questionnaire!

Lesson Three: Digestive Fire - Agni

  • Discover how the cornerstone of health is good digestive fire, or agni.
  • Discover the different types of agni.
  • Look into the different stages of digestion and their relationship to the doshas.
  • Take a look at key Ayurvedic herbs and spices to help keep your digestion fire healthy.

Lesson Four: Understanding Ama

  • Learn how health problems are related to low digestive fire, causing accumulation of toxins known as ama.
  • Take a look at the role of ama  in the development of health problems.
  • How to clear ama through herbs and dietary guidelines.

Lesson Five: Understanding Metabolism

  • We take a look at how the food we eat is converted into the dhatus – the tissues that make up the structure of the body.
  • Discover how the final stage of metabolism is the creation of ojas – our energy, vitality, immunity, fertility, longevity and joie de vivre.
  • We also look at the srotas – the channels that carry nutrients to and waste products from the tissues.

Lesson Six: The Importance of Taste

  • An introduction to the 6 tastes of foods, herbs and spices.
  • Learn how these tastes have specific effects on body and mind, including our emotions.
  • Discover how the 6 tastes affect the doshas and how to balance your constitution by selecting herbs and foods based on their tastes.

Lesson Seven: Balancing the doshas

  • Understand how the doshas can become out of balance.
  • Advice for balancing the doshas, including diet, herbs, exercise and meditation.
  • Delicious recipes for balancing each dosha.
  • Take a look at some renowned Ayurvedic herbs and spices to balance each dosha.
  • Tips for balancing all three doshas.

Lesson Eight: A Guide to Ayurvedic Detoxification

  • Why do we need to detox?
  • When is the best time?
  • What Ayurvedic methods can we use.
  • A look at the three stages of detoxification.
  • Recipes to support your detox.

Lesson Nine: Keeping Yourself Healthy

  • The importance of preventative health.
  • How to live in harmony with our environment and keep ourselves as happy and healthy as possible.
  • How to incorporate the wisdom of Ayurveda into your daily life through dinacharya.
  • How to maximise and conserve our energy and longevity by increasing our ojas through the Ayurvedic approach rejuvenation, rasayana.
  • Discover some amazing Ayurvedic to replenish your energy and rejuvenate you.