Ayurveda, Health and Happiness

I wonder if you have ever asked yourself, “What do we all want?” From my experience as a practitioner over the last 40-something years, I would say that most people want health and happiness for themselves and their loved ones (and of course world peace!). That sounds so simple – but as we all know, it can be anything but simple to achieve!

It’s not for lack of information. These days we are inundated with facts about health and wellbeing, snowed under by articles on how to steer our way through potentially unhealthy influences in our lives, from an overload of sugar to working too hard. There are daily, actually hourly, social media posts on how to live a life that feels #vibrant and #fulfilling, but many people I meet are still confused and often find these articles and posts present rather fluffy or conflicting information.

Do you find it rather overwhelming trying to disentangle what can truly help you from the flaky and new-fashioned? Have you ever wished you could find simple, straightforward guidance that relates specifically to you, and points you in the direction of  vibrant health, clarity and wisdom, joy and contentment?

The thing is, the human organism hasn’t changed recently, so we may not need masses of new information about how to navigate the journey of life healthily and happily, as we have an abundance of ancient wisdom that has been tried and tested over millennia.  This body of practical knowledge is now being verified by a wealth of modern research and can provide us with systems of medicine and reliable frameworks of advice to enable us to feel confident and assured of their efficacy.

This is why I’d like to introduce you to Ayurveda. It is the most wonderful guide to living a healthy life and feeling balanced in both mind and body that I know. Its roots are lost in the mists of Indian antiquity and yet it is totally contemporary. After all it addresses the essentials of human life and we are still…human!

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