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Garlic – An Extraordinary Remedy for our Times

The humble garlic bulb, much maligned for its powerful and lingering odour, is truly a wonderful medicine. It is perfect for the help we need now to protect our immune systems, just as it has been valued as such for thousands of years, and probably by more cultures than any other plant. It originated in […]

Food And Mood

  February is a month when warm blankets, roaring fires and hot soup are particularly appealing – I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t mind being able to hibernate! But why is it that long nights and cold weather make us feel so lacking in motivation and energy? When we wake up in daylight we […]

Dodging The January Blues

Happy New Year! Are you feeling tired and somewhat jaded after the excesses of the festive season? If so, you are not the only one, for during the apparently unending, dark winter months after Christmas, many of us feel that our health is at a low ebb. This is just at this time that we […]

How to Nourish and Support through Vata Season Part 4

Foods for Body, Heart and Mind Eating plenty of grounding foods and drinks, with regular mealtimes and being around those with more water and earth in their constitution is recommended. Eat a light diet, with warm, easy to digest, soft foods. Use ghee for cooking. Increase foods that are heavy and oily as these nourish […]

How to Nourish and Support Vata Part 3

Staying In Balance As discussed in my last blog post, health is not just freedom from disease. The ideal is that our body, mind and emotions are in a state of ease and harmony so that we can fulfill our dreams and obligations, and our roles and potential in To be healthy our doshas must […]

How to Nourishing and Support Vata Part 2

Signs of Increased Vata With their erratic digestions, people with excess vata can have wind, bloating and discomfort after eating. They might suffer from dry bowels and constipation or maybe bowel problems like irritable bowel syndrome. Women can have irregular cycles and may miss periods due to stress, over activity or being underweight. Their bleeding […]

How to Nourish and Support through Vata Season and Vata Time of Life

This is the first of a several part series on nourishing and supporting Vata Part 1. Understanding Vata From the full splendour of late summer to the fruitfulness of autumn when each plant reaches its full expression…we are in vata time! Vata is the most important of the 3 biological humours. It forms the vital […]

Spotlight on herbs: Asparagus racemosus (Shatavari, Wild asparagus)

Taken from ‘The Ayurveda Bible’ by Anne McIntyre For the first of our ‘Spotlight on Herbs’ blog posts I’ve chosen Shatavari.  This herb is an excellent nourishing tonic and the most important Sattvic rejuvenative for women – hence the name which translates as ‘she who possesses a hundred husbands‘!  It is cooling and moistening, restoring balance when […]

Developing an Ayurvedic network

I have been studying and practicing Ayurveda now for more years than I care to think about, but even so I am scratching at the surface of a healing system with over 5,000 years of history.  As a student of the Living Wisdom course you may be interested in Ayurveda on a personal level, or it may […]