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Massage for Healing and Grounding

Oil Massage (Abhyanga) We are deep into Autumn and the holiday season is upon us – cold, wind, dark and busy equals vata derangement!  We can easily find ourselves feeling scattered, ungrounded and stressed.  Immunity can be compromised and sleep disturbed.  Vata needs balancing!  Fortunately, Ayurveda comes to the rescue with the deeply healing practice […]

Three Autumn Rituals for Seasonal Change

​Part 2 by Anne Bergeron. One of the many wonderful aspects of Ayurveda is the practicality and simplicity of its application. Ayurveda’s ancient wisdom asks us to pay attention not only to ourselves, but to the constantly changing energies of the earth, and to find balance in cultivating the opposite of the dominant discomfort in […]

Autumn Rituals for Seasonal Change

Part 1 by Anne Bergeron, recent graduate ​It was an unusual August. The month that typically brings a week of cool, dry winds, the classic harbingers of Autumn in Vermont, brought instead an uninterrupted string of sultry days that unfurled in waves of heat throughout the entire month. So, when I realized in mid-August on […]

What are our students saying? Meet Deanna!

Meet Deanna! She is one of our Ayurveda course graduates and lives in Rumney, NH (near the White Mountains USA). For many years she ran a local natural food store with two other women (we started in the 70’s!) she passed the business along a couple of years ago but still misses interacting with folks […]

Breath of Awareness

Our own minds can be as busy as traffic at rush hour. Anxiety, overwhelm, exhaustion and irritability are all too common. For many, the “to-do” list gets longer and stress escalates in this season of peace and joy. What to do? Ayurveda is unique in that it offers us a healthy path, overflowing with all […]

Meet Linda Umbell, Ayurveda course student

What awoke your interest in taking the Living Wisdom Ayurveda Course?  My interest in Ayurveda began after reading about it and discussing it with a friend who was studying it at the time and also she was becoming a Yoga therapist. We both have spiritual practices where the idea of mind, body and spirit were […]

Healthy and Happy New Year!

The start of the year brings thoughts of renewal, fresh starts and often prayers and aspirations as well.  Aspirations and prayers for our own health and well-being and also for greater health, harmony and peacefulness for our planet and all inhabitants. May all beings have happiness and the causes of happiness May we all be […]

Ayurveda and the Joy of Nutrition

Few activities are as satisfying as gathering with a group of women to join in the ancient ritual of making and sharing a nourishing meal. The women of the Maine Ayurveda Study Group gathered in the warm, early evening of one of the longest days of the year. The moon was full, spirits were high […]

Three Ways to Take care of Mind and Body this Season

How do we take care of mind and body in this dynamic season? This time of year mind and body can be vulnerable to vata derangement. The energies of our environment can’t help but influence our health and well-being. The holidays increase activity, responsibility, and stress. Meanwhile daylight diminishes, the cold wind blows and even colder days approach. […]

Sattvic Sailing on the Maine Coast

Anne has been here in Maine this week stopping in for a visit on her way to NYC to teach at Arbor Vitae Herbal School. After a productive planning meeting in the morning, we set out to nourish our senses by the sea. First, we took a leisurely walk on one of our nearby beaches then […]

In Praise of Tulsi

Tulsi is a plant that I would not want to be without in the garden. In late May, I direct sow the tiny black seeds into the soil of one of my circle beds and by August it has grown in thickly, revealing its beautiful toothed leaves, clove-like fragrance and emanating a purifying and peaceful […]

Meet Julie Brown, Our First Ayurveda Course Graduate

I was happy to have a chance to catch up with Julie Brown, the first student to complete the Living Wisdom Ayurveda course and had a chance to ask her a few questions. She lives not far from me in Portland, Maine What peaked your interest in taking the Living Wisdom Ayurveda Course?  Deepening my […]

Rejuvenate Your Brain and Vital Reserves with Brain Candy

Recently, I spent some joyful time in my home kitchen experimenting with a delicious treat that deeply nourishes and strengthens the brain and nervous system. These slightly sweet confections are more medicine than dessert, but can satisfy the sweet tooth. They are filled with rich oils, minerals and nutrients for the brain including delicious coconut, […]

Ghee, A Nourishing Kitchen Ritual

Ghee is something I would not go with out in my home kitchen. Imparting a depth of flavor and healing benefits, ghee makes each meal deeply nourishing. Ghee, also known as clarified butter, is made by simmering unsalted butter until the milk solids are separated, leaving behind the golden aromatic oil. Ayurvedic texts tell us […]

Thriving in Kapha Season

It’s deep winter and winter is kapha season…cold, slow and still. In the north of America here in Maine, the ground has been blanketed with snow for weeks; stillness and quiet beauty pervade. If you’ve arrived at winter’s door step feeling stressed, dried out and frazzled, this season offers time to slow down and surrender […]

Path of Living Wisely

The New Year brings fresh opportunities and inspiration to take really good care of our one precious body.  Health trends come and go …but Ayurveda has sustained the tests of time.  Its advice has been practiced for thousands of years and science is telling us….it works! Have you ever wished you could make a visit […]

Foods and the gunas

In Ayurveda, food – like everything else in creation – falls into three categories; Sattvic, Rajastic and Tamasic, and foods in these categories have the ability to increase these qualities within us when we eat them. Sattvic food are considered to be the most healing and also help to harmonize all three doshas.  These are […]

Sweetness of the Season

Harvest time is here and there is much to be savoured and enjoyed.  Late summer is also the time when vata dosha begins to increase. Do you feel scattered, ungrounded, and exhausted with all the summer activities and dry heat? You can feel vata energy accumulating through dry skin, cracking joints and trouble sleeping through […]

Calm, cool, collected.

How do we know when pitta is aggravated? Feeling irritable, frustrated, impatient? Holding yourself to a very high standard? People with pitta in their constitution can have an underlying fear of not being perfect and feel unloved or unrecognized.  This can bring about low self-esteem, a general feeling of not being good enough, and fear […]

Have you heard of these three fruits?

After the last post we have heard from many people that they were excited about trying kichari! Now we’d like to tell you about Ayurveda’s famous “three fruit” formula triphala. Triphala is by far the best and safest Ayurvedic formula for cleansing the bowel. Triphala is a blended powder of three amazing tropical fruits; amalaki, haritaki, […]

Kichari – The Ideal Cleansing Food

In our last post we offered 3 gentle ways to detox in the Spring. Today we are giving you our favourite recipe for Ayurveda’s ultimate cleansing food, Kichari! It’s nourishing, light and easy to digest and so gives the body a break from the work of digesting, making it easier to clear a backlog of toxins. […]

3 Ways to Spring Cleanse!

Spring is a natural time for cleansing and clearing but detoxing doesn’t have to be rigorous and intense to make you feel great! Ayurveda gives us a variety of different ways to detox based on our individual constitutions and offers great wisdom as well as practical support. Here are 3 simple things you can do to […]