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Rasayana: Rebooting Your Energy

In February’s blog I described how wintery, cold weather causes our bodies to contract, inhibiting the flow of energy and fluids around the body and making it harder for the body to release toxins. Winter is a time for hibernation and storing our vital energy and we generally feel more sluggish in the colder months […]

Rose Harvest

It’s time for the rose harvest. I’m making rose glycerite today! I love roses…doesn’t everybody?  I think I use more rose than almost any other herb in my practice…maybe as much as California poppy, gotu kola and chamomile. The beautiful rose is a wonderful rejuvenative, helping to decrease the signs of ageing when used internally as well as applied to the skin. It makes a great tonic for the […]

Dinacharya – The Ayurvedic Art Of Daily Routine

We are currently living through what can only be described as strange and unsettling times and I, probably like all of you, have found that my days are very different from how they were a few weeks ago. So I thought that this month’s newsletter might be a good time for us to look at […]

The Healing Power Of Plants – Beshara Magazine Issue 15: Spring 2020

  I was interviewed by Elizabeth Roberts and Jane Clark for Beshara Magazine’s Spring 2020 issue. We had a long, wide ranging discussion about my love of both herbal medicine and Ayurveda, working with people in their miriad different constitutions, using the herbs from my garden as well as traditional Ayurvedic herbs, tapping into the […]

Spring Cleaning: Why We Need To Detox

Why we need to detox Just as we regularly take showers, wash our hair, brush our teeth and tend to the outside of our bodies, the internal systems of our body – most importantly our digestive system – benefit from regular cleansing and care. Toxins are a product of our everyday lives and are related […]