3 Ways to Spring Cleanse!

Ginger tea

Spring is a natural time for cleansing and clearing but detoxing doesn’t have to be rigorous and intense to make you feel great! Ayurveda gives us a variety of different ways to detox based on our individual constitutions and offers great wisdom as well as practical support.

Here are 3 simple things you can do to increase your vitality and attune to Spring –

  1. Sip fresh ginger tea before meals. This raises our digestive fire and helps to clear toxins from the gut, enhances metabolism and increases our ability to digest our food efficiently.
  2. Say goodbye to heavy foods. Avoid bread, cheese, red meat and ama producing foods such as sugar and alcohol. Instead eat lots of delicious cooked fresh seasonal vegetables with mild spices such as coriander, cumin, fennel and dill.
  3. Take a walk outside. Breathe in the fresh spring air which can enhance digestion and elimination of toxins.  Gentle exercise cleanses the lungs, oxygenates the blood and supplies our cells and tissues with vitalizing prana!

Ayurveda offers a complete way of life that supports our health; physical, mental and spiritual. It is very practical and once we start to live by its advice we can experience its ability to transform our lives. It truly is living wisdom.

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