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Learn Ayurveda from the comfort of your home

Learn the healing wisdom of Ayurveda, a truly inspiring approach to enhancing health, happiness and longevity. Through eight online modules, you will discover Ayurveda’s practical tools to nourish and heal mind, body and spirit.

Each module is packed with knowledge about the fundamental concepts of Ayurveda and provides experiential exercises, making it easy to integrate the wisdom of Ayurvedic nutrition, herbal medicine and living a sattvic lifestyle. Meditation teachings and practices are integrated throughout, allowing you to deepen your awareness and experience of this profound art of self-healing.

This course is ideal if you are seeking to learn at your own pace in a modern online format with the support of the teachers and the community forum. It offers a complete foundation in Ayurveda for anyone who wants to transform their health and for herbalists, yoga teachers, polarity therapists, psychotherapists, nutritionist, aromatherapists and medical professionals who want to incorporate Ayurveda into their practice.